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Is Security Compliance Review of hundreds of Servers, Databases and Router-Switches a nightmare? Do not worry - We perform it in Just few hours !!!

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Security and governance applications

Bizinfosec has developed Following Information Security Compliance checking and ISMS Applications. All these are proprietary Applications conceptualized, designed, developed, tested and owned by Bizinfosec.

  • OS-CARE - Operating Systems Control Assessment and Risk Evaluation
  • DB-CARE - Database Control Assessment and Risk Evaluation
  • NEAT - Network Equipment Audit and policy compliance checking Tool
  • InfrAAA - Infrastructure Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (Single Sign On) and
  • Secu-RET - Security Risk Evaluation and Treatment

  These Applications

  • Are equally suitable for small, medium and large set ups.
  • Help save 80%-90% time and costs.
  • Help achieve compliance to various guidelines like RBI, IRDA, NSE-BSE, ISO-27001, COBIT, SOX and PCI-DSS.
  • Help implement risk treatment plan and improve the processes